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Laws and regulations

Workplace Hearing Safety and Health 

Training and Tools to implement

Learn recent US federal and UN directives

From US federal organizations including Senate, FDA, OSHA, CDC-NIOSH, ADA and UN organizations

Cost-effective approach 

Assess needs and implement in a timely manner to address worker expectations and rights 

Supplement safety culture

Apply to your current safety training and hearing conservation program based on worker needs and company policies  

Quality of Work growth

Increase worker awareness of new options, particularly OTC hearing aids, to improve worker accessibility and affordability

ATLAS course on Workplace Hearing Safety Culture 
for Safety Professionals 

For improving worker hearing safety and protecting worker rights

For those with or without hearing-impairment

ATLAS Tools to implement Workplace Hearing Safety 

Innovative, affordable technology, in compliance with FDA safety and effectiveness requirements

Raises awareness and enables workers to self-manage hearing health


Informs hearing-impaired workers on protection measures and accommodations at work

ATLAS Resonate eTool for 

Interactive, questionnaire based

Adapted from new US federal and UN directives

Self-assess hearing health

Self-monitor, adopt practices for safety, productivity 

Privacy and Cybersecurity

per FDA standards

ATLAS Resonate App for listening wellness

Environment and Headphone noise exposure dosimetry (OSHA, WHO stds)


Daily, weekly personal reports 

Tips, reminders for safe habits

Free features to test App utility

One-time low payment for all features


ATLAS OTC Hearing Aids + Assistant App* 

Per final FDA OTC standards:


Self-check mild-moderate hearing loss, no audiometric testing

Easy to use and maintain 


Adapt to workplace accommodations 


Tools to improve wear compliance, hearing conservation

*: Available after FDA OTC Hearing Aid Rule finalization

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